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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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john am -- i amemann i john heilemann. .ark: and i am mark halperin for those who think they have a body -- thanks, guys. we will take it from here. ♪ a beautiful day in new york, and we are feeling great. we are not trying to get too grossly generalist it, as we look at what is defining the presidential race. handled, and both
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with hillary clinton now on the defensive. meeting, wenoon debated which one of these two stories is a bigger deal and thus lead our program, so you decide. flip the coin. in somedecided to weave baskets, in a moment, but first, democrats today are dealing with the fallout from a medical incidents that forced hillary clinton to leave a 9/11 commemoration ceremony at grand ground zero in gotham city. there was video that appeared to show her stumbling as she was helped into a black van. kirk campaign released a statement saying she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday, and she got dehydrated at the event and a little bit overheated. they were explaining and insisting, saying clinton has no know illnesses that they other than pneumonia, but they acknowledged that the campaign should not have kept the media in the dark. i think that in retrospect,
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we could have handled it better in terms of providing more information more quickly. in the next couple of days, we will be releasing more integral -- medical information about hillary clinton. there is no other undisclosed item. hillary clinton, as secretary of state, representing us miles abroad, this is someone who's in an instinct was to press forward. this was her instinct on friday even after she was told that she had pneumonia. she is always looking to do more and to push ahead. that is who she is. mark: several prominent members of clinton's team refuse to answer in live interviews and press conferences when they were pressed on whether they were in the loop about her pneumonia diagnosis. mr. trump: it is interesting, because they were saying pneumonia on friday, which is interesting because she was so this isfore that, not the first time. it is interesting to see what is
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going on. like you, i see what i see. the coughing fit with more than a week ago, and that may be pneumonia. something is going on, but i just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail. we have to see what is wrong. but whatever it is, i am ready. whatever it is. >> so health is an issue now? mr. trump: i think it is good this last week, i took a physical, and i will be releasing when the numbers come in, hopefully, they will be good. i hope they will be good. i feel great. mark: that was an uncharacteristically subdued trump. about what they knew and when they knew it. >> did you know that she had the diagnosis of pneumonia, and if so, what did you advise her to do? rob: she got the diagnosis of
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pneumonia, and in consultation with her doctor, she decided to power through that. i cannot going to get into details about who knew her medical information. >> the first time i talked to hillary about this was sunday, so i would just say that. i do not one to get into the character of communications, that i reached out to her as soon as the incident happened on sunday, and we had a good dialogue there, but other than that, that was the first time we talked about this. trump, as we heard in the clip, was a lot more in that circumstance. clinton is expected to release additional medical records later this week. so, john, what are the implications of this clinton health story and the way the clinton campaign has handled it? john: well, i want to make a few obvious points. how important this situation is depends on the health of hillary
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clinton, and we have an account of it. i have had pneumonia. a similar thing happened to me. if that is all this is, this story will subside and not be of any real consequence, but that is the question. the second thing is that it seems to me that one thing that comes out of this is that the pressure builds for more -- both of them to be more transparent about their health. that is a good thing because the country deserves to know more about people of this age as they might be president of the united states. releasing more information is good. we will see what it says. i doubt either of them will have something disqualifying in their background. and again, the press as we watch guards of the public interest in them being transparent. the truck campaign is not transparent about many things campaign ishe trump
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not transparent about many things either, but i think it shows her as isolated from her team. her campaign managers seem to say they did not know she had pneumonia. not a surprise. she is a very private person. but i am worried that if she is elected president, she will once again put her desire for privacy -- and i understand that on a personal level, but on -- if you want to run for president, unfortunately, you have to give up some privacy. -- john: we interviewed kellyanne conway, and she did not know who his doctor was. some special status having to deal with the press and how they deal with their senior teams. plus, she is missing two of the last 60 days of the campaign. sometimes it is hard to shake this. all the trail, not good. john: and for anyone who says this is not an issue, the former
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dnc chair is now calling for an contingency plan. there are some democrats who are spooked about this. democrats are spooked. all right, that is not all. talking about the other big story, and we will talk about that right now, the clinton campaign trying to clear up her events -- her words friday night, calling half of trump' supporters being "a basket of deplorables." and they were putting $2 million behind this new ad in several states. announcer: speaking to wealthy donors, hillary clinton calls tens of millions of americans deplorable. mrs. clinton: you can put half supporters into a basket of deplorable is. islamophobic, you name it.
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announcer: people like you, you, and you. you know what is deplorable? hillary clinton demonizing hard-working people like you. anchor: in baltimore this afternoon -- donald trump: our support comes from every part of america and every walk of life. these are the people hillary clinton so viciously demonized. she called these patriotic men and women every vile name in the book. she called them racist, sexist, .enophobia, islamophobic she called half of our supporters a basket of deplorable. mark, what do you think are the long-term political ramifications of this ask it story? -- this will be gone will go all of the way to election day.
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what mitt romney said about 47%. i think that is a double standard right now that should not exist. she did apologize. that helped a lot. said what she actually believes, and i think the big controversy of her using the word "half" will stick with her, and you will see a lot of trump supporters energized by what she said, and -- john: i want to be clear. it is clear that donald trump has traded in racist, bigoted, nativist things in his campaign. it is also clear that the alt right makes up some of his support. was 100% right to call out that speech about the alt right and nailed that right on top of the head. i do not think it is a wise thing to have done, politically or otherwise, to cast a blanket aspersion on what could end up
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being something like 30 million american voters if he gets the number of votes mitt romney got in 2012, so i think she has given swap a talking point. it is going to round up the republican base and maybe on the republican side, but i think if she had to do it over again, she would not say it. her apology is indicative of the fact that she thinks she went off her skis on this. mark: you do not attack the voters. of course, she said half of them were economically disadvantaged. john: calling out bigotry is good. all of thatism, good. blanket aspersions, not good. mark: ok, we continue to think that this will go on, and i think this one presents a bigger healthto her than the story. do you question what john: i will go back to my very first answer.
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assuming this was a garden variety, more or less, case of walking pneumonia, and other than that, she is in fine health -- assuming that is true, assuming that, yes. if, for some reason it turns out she has got other health competitions or health issues, those could be much more significant than this gaffe. mark: iwatch bill clinton campaign in 1992 terribly sick, what some might say sick as a dog, and it was hard. it rendered him a less effective candidate. she, i think you have seen over the last week, i have coughed so hard with allergies that i have got pneumonia, so that can happen. she had better hope she does not get sick again. it will keep her off the trail. john: when i had walking pneumonia and went down with it, i was on vacation, and i spent the better part of a week really
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depleted, and i am 20 years younger than hillary clinton is. they will help her, but i do not think she will be back at full strength by thursday, and there are not many days until the election. ground zero the ceremony, there was mass confusion among campaign reporters who were covering the event after they failed to get the media timely information about her whereabouts and what was going on. they have long agreed that forher candidate has agreed transparency and the notion of the protective pool, related to the fact that reporters are supposed to be able to observe, some reporters, observe the candidates. let's be frank. it's something trending happens to any of the candidates, and there is a reason. the protective pool. the body watch. so, mark, we agree that shouldntial nominees
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have protective pools, just as the president of the united states does. there is more pressure on these campaigns to adhere to the norms. they both succumb to that pressure? mark: i do not think so. they have got into the conventions and past labor day. needs for them coverage. i just do not see what leverage we have. we have to be clear. this is not about the media. this is about the public interest. it is a horrible development. hardolleagues have worked to cover the campaign full-time to try to turn this around. it would be much, much better for everyone, including the candidates, to get used to the notion that if you want to be the presidential nominee, you have to let the press with you. i do not think it is going to happen, but i may be wrong. talking about when we want press conferences, it is not because we think it is important to hold candidates accountable. the same thing. it is not about reporter comfort
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or convenience. this is stuff can happen, and reporters are trying to do their job. of then the interest public, so i allow them to do their jobs as best as they can. with the leverage, especially with these two, seems to be less. mark: there are a lot of hypotheticals. what if that video did not exist? ok, next, the numbers behind donald trump's most likely path to victory, narrow as they are, when we come back. ♪
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♪ -- john: welcome back.
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the narrow path for donald trump. based on conversations we have had, they perceive that trump' is most likely victory scenario runs through the four. if the republican nominee keeps the traditional red states in his column, he will have to win ohio, florida, north carolina, thepennsylvania to cross 270 electoral college threshold. him 200ates would give 73 and make in the next president of the united states. mark: ok, but if you play the other after that, pennsylvania, the state democrats have won for nearly three decades consistently at the presidential level and is by far the biggest obstacle, and if he loses the keystone state, his next simple path is not that simple. winning the other three, he would have to win it two additional tossups dates, iowa and nevada.
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then he would also have to win new hampshire, which the associated press -- press has in the democratic column, and even evene did all of that, -- if he did all of that, it would be 269, and it would be thrown to the house, or maybe he would win or be complicated. to me, the big four, there is a reason why they are focusing on those four states right now. iowa, a lot of polls show him ahead. -- inning new hampshire can never remember if it is nevada or -- that is tough. it is not impossible. these two scenarios are the most likely. you can see one has got no margin of error, and one has got -- john: new hampshire has basically been a blue state for a while. a number of hispanic votes. that is why you are looking at
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pennsylvania, which is much more in line with the kind of voter that trump is trying to get at. i understand why they are trying to do it. and about what the number is in pennsylvania, the advantage the democrats have. why democrats have won pennsylvania, and there are strong reasons to think they will again. the secondou put scenario back up? how does not get over 269? one of the things they talk maine.s they think he may get one electoral vote. that would be one way to do it. you look at the other states. michigan, virginia, colorado. ones might be the only where you have a chance, but prop has to do a lot in the blue states, where he is not currently that strong -- but trump has to do a lot more in
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the blue states. all states are somewhat competitive right now. he has got a chance, but it is tough. john: this is why i do not think this strategy will work. the only way he can win is if there becomes such a wave on his side towards the end that places like virginia, which is normally a very, very tight swing state, it becomes a place to contest, or colorado. all right, when we come back, we pepeask our friend what the frog has to do with things. ♪
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♪ mark: a political correspondent campaign. the trump
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there is a word out to be the most transparent or at least at a to be most transparent. what do we expect on medical records? >> i was trying to find out when last, but doctor specifically which day, which city, which doctor. will it be more than it is just my cholesterol is this? will we history? has he ever had an operation? they are doing it because they want to make it seem like donald trump is healthier than hillary clinton is. we will see. so far, the only thing we have gotten from the campaign in regards to this is a letter saying he will be the healthiest guy ever in the white house. do we even know who the doctor was who conducted this physical? no, we do not. john: he has been mocked, given
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his appearance. katy: maybe someone else who would not suffer the same mocking that he did. mark: he did more than completely lay off, and that is not the reaction we saw a month ago. katy: we saw giuliani talk about how she is frail and very sick, and we have heard donald trump say repeatedly on the campaign trail that she does not have the strength or stamina. mark: some have said with trump, what you see is what you get, and you have covered this as much as we have, and this is about as much restraint as he has shown. the: if you look at positives and negatives of it, the risks and rewards of this, donald trump going on defensive, saying she is very sick, saying, look, she cannot be president,
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the cut she is not going to make it through the presidency, what reward does he get out of that? who is he convincing? on the other hand, if he has respect on 9/11, does not go on the attack, and wishes her well, a lot of folks will that, i expected him to go on the attack. i expected him to be more negative. maybe this is a more mature donald trump. -- therisks outweigh the rewards outweigh the risks. john: explain what this means and how it relates to current events. katy: there was a brilliant, ogep dive into who pepe the fr is, but it started out as a white nationalist symbol, and katy perry tweeted an image of it once, and now, the white nationalist movement is trying to bring it back and make it their own again, and they have done that successfully during this campaign season, and i do
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not know if you get this like i do on your twitter feed, where people will be trolling you about donald trump and will be attacking you about donald trump, and they will have that they're as their avatar, so it has become very much a dog whistle for the white nationalist movement. so donald trump junior and roger stone have both retweeted it? katy: roger stone did it, but he called it the deplorable, and donald trump junior -- there is also alex jones, the noted conspiracy theorist and novelist from the all right site, the figurehead, -- from the alt , the figurehead, and donald trump junior posted on instagram, and a flood of comments came out that donald trump is posting a white nationalist symbol on his own instagram page, and the campaign said that donald trump junior, just like his father, announced
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any sort of white supremacy, but this is not the first time they have been content -- connected to white supremacist. weeted trump has retr white supremacist things, and breitbart. why get into it? john: they are trying to capitalize on this deplorables narrative, and they are getting into it. little bit more of a look at the hillary clinton health issues, right after this. ♪
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♪ >> when hillary clinton left zero yesterday her van was
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directed by secret service protocol to an emergency room before it changed course. the story suggests a campaign operative decided mid-route to go instead to chelsea clinton's apartment. ditching a police escort in the process. the story is on the front of the post website. we are interested to see if others will collaborate that story. to guest is joining us discuss the medical side, dr. john torres. without -- in a situation if you had a patient who is hillary clinton's agent had an incident that occurred like this, it would it be your inclination to send that patient ridley to the hospital to emergency room? frequent ande get villains calls and the drivers, or medics, emt's say there is a
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pneumonia.has my advice would be bring them to the emergency room. we need to find out why they collapsed. we rehydrate them and go from there to make sure nothing dangerous happened. to some extent i am surprised she got redirected from the emergency room because that would be a step i would think would be logical in a situation like this. mark: if we asked 100 of your colleagues all would agree or it is this a judgment or opinion? dr. torres: 98 of them would agree and say definitely especially given our circumstances she had given the fact that you looking at the video and having 2020 hindsight. she collapsed in the video, a 60-year-old female if and without knowing the pneumonia part want to find out why she collapsed and correct whatever's wrong because that is not normal. >> if you diagnosed her with pneumonia lots of people who are hard-working involved into many
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professions, they work through illness. all three of us have worked when others may not have. would -- what would you have told her on friday, a 60-year-old woman with pneumonia if she said i'm about to go on a cross-country trip? d say the samewoul thing. your body needs time to recuperate. you need to get good rest. away from exhaustion, away from stress. if you do not get that it will take longer to recover. instead of 10 days or two weeks we are talking three of four weeks. the other thing you might happen is at some point your body will get so exhausted and worn down it will tell you it is over, time to relax, i'm going to make you relax right now. that is what we saw there. her body got to the point where it said you are not choosing to relax i will make you relax and i think that is what happened. the -- multiple campaign
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staffers are sick with similar or maybe the same thing. chuck schumer is saying he has pneumonia. explain the contagious this to the extent it exists. dr. torres: it is always the chicken and egg thing. you can imagine in the campaign she is doing a lot of handshaking and baby kissing where germs spread. this happens quite often. by germs, encompassed we touched germs all the time. out of 10 people one might develop pneumonia. that could be for a variety of different reasons. once you get them you're not going to give someone else pneumonia but you might has on the virus or bacteria that causes it and it is up to their body to fight it off and hopefully not develop pneumonia. you can imagine her crew there, campaign staff are in a closed area where they are passing the germs among each other. and the stress of the situation, it brings their immune system
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down. they are open to more of these illnesses. it does not surprise me that sick overtime and that sickness seems to be spreading around the campaign staff. it is one of those things that pneumonia is not contagious, the bacteria can float around. have released as much medical data as past candidates. what are bottom line must be released to give the public confidence that this is a complete sense of that person's current medical status or history russia history? dr. torres what things have you had, what illnesses, what surgeries and we had, that could be contributing to what is going on. i would want to know what screening test heavy gun under and if you have screening test we are talking colonoscopy, mammograms, what have they shown and are you being followed, have you had any biopsies is to basically a more thorough history, what medicines are you
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on, why were you able to come off of medicines in the past. we have some information but not nearly enough. ages how manyeir colonoscopies show they have had, when should they must recently have had one? s: starting when you are 50th that is clean ac 10 years later and get one when you're 60. if you have issues where they saw -- that they saw in the first colonoscopy two or three years after that. we do not know. at a minimum possibly two, possibly more. john: hillary clinton is running for president. she is getting back on the campaign trail. her campaign says that and we believe it given her work ethic but if you had a patient who was not running for president and they had -- what happened to them is what happened yesterday, how long would you give them,
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would you compel them to be on bed rest before you let them go back to work? be torres you do not need to on bed rest, you need to be unrest which means cutter around the house, do crossword puzzles, watch tv, sit on the couch, those types of things. three or four days of that kind of rest and then two weeks of low intensity work. not very strenuous. not very exhausting. she is on the campaign now so she has to get out there and did what she has to do. i have other patients that are working and they need to put put a -- put food on the table. if you do not rest chances are you are going to extend this and you might get to the point where your bodies as we will make you rest. back at steam -- full stain. there might be a risk that she has the kind of -- this kind of returns and gives her problems further down the road? dr. torres definitely. because she has not recovered. and a on antibiotics
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great medical staff taking care of her. her body needs a time to recover and if she does not give her body time it will fight back. it will take time to recover or we might see it happen again. john: do plane flights retard recovery from pneumonia? dr. torres: you do get some jet lag -- jet lag. -- wee into these trips have been into these trips where you get there and you are tired. it gives her the opportunity to get away from the crowds and the public and all the things you have to do where you have to bring her a game every single time sarah gives her that opportunity to rest which should help her recover so hopefully she can do that but more hopefully she can get those times where she can rest and get away from it all. for coming onu the show. we will talk to a couple of democratic strategist about the state of hillary clinton's
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campaign and if you happen to be watching us and washington, d.c. can listen to us on the radio radio at bloomberg 91.1. we will be right back.
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john: with us now cornell bel cher and the former deputy campaign manner -- manager for martin o'malley's campaign. also the director of rapid response for president obama's 2012 campaign and katie couric. the me ask you first, -- let me ask you first, which of the two things going on with the campaign, her health or the remark she made about donald
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trump supporters represent the biggest threat your campaign right now. i her health is an issue but am not a doctor, i will not talk about that. i do not think the remarks that she made about donald trumps offend the large swath of voters that were part of the obama coalition that she needs to win over. that is more of a problem, this people who are offended by those remarks, they were never going to vote for hillary clinton in the first place. i'm worried more about those voters particularly the young voters who are part of the barack obama coalition who are less than enthusiastic right now. john: from the stand of the medications professional you are how do you think they handled the day yesterday as to mark -- yesterday? face a pretty tough choice
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from the beginning. one of the options here was to be transparent and if they were and set up french he had them they would have been -- embolden people like rudy giuliani who are going out there and saying all these irresponsible things on tv. chose to handle it was not transparent. i do nothing you could have scripted it worse. the problem there is not the question about her health, it underscores her biggest weakness that people think she is untrustworthy and she is not transparent and now she is going to go out and release her medical records anyway. it shows why transparency, you might take a hit in the short run but in the long run it is a better policy. says hillaryup and clinton is not well, i will vote for donald trump? exit do not think anyone that is a persuadable voter wakes up and thinks that. i think the problem and -- it
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does reinforce the narrative that the trump campaign is trying to run with. the republicans going back for a long time now and they certainly did it under george bush, they believed in the trade of strength in a way that we democrats have not believed in. they would argue that the strength is the most important for a presidential candidate. and what donald trump is trying to do is present himself as a strong candidate, pugin-like. he has done this fairly successfully through the primary. i still cannot believe that jeb bush was undone by low energy. point, thethe health american people do have a lot of common sense. thatnotice -- they know people are not superhuman and they are allowed to get sick. it was a little bit too
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protective, too much of them getting their bunker and county and not giving the american people the benefit of the doubt that they would not take her word for it and understand she has a taxing schedule. if you had a choice between sending her candidate to the hospital which was the recommendation of medical professionals or someplace else that would not cause the headline, candidate goes to hospital would you ever say you should have avoided the public hit, do not go to the hospital? x you have to be transparent and go to the hospital. both campaigns on both sides and up-and-down they see less reason to talk more and more to you all because we have the thousand content providers that we can talk to and they do not have to talk to you guys as much. mark: the candidate said i do not want to go to the hospital, it will look at.
5:45 pm
i want to go to somebody to house and rest and relax. the doctor says you should be going to the hospital, what would you at rise? >> it would go with the doctor. any candidate i worked for i would have no problem telling them. whether they take my advice is up to them. more point make one here because it has been left out of the discussion. we can talk about hillary clinton's transparency issues but donald trump still is the least transparent candidate in modern history. no tax returns, still the medical records, i know he said he will release it thursday but it is not like she is running against someone who is the perfect messenger. >> why she not leading by a she -- he is, if dealing in deplorables as she said, italy's campaign rallies get violent, he says the wrong thing consistently, why is this lead so small?
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>> none of them are perfect. they are the most unpopular candidates in history. she is a vastly better and more qualified more -- candidate didn't donald trump. she does have these weaknesses and not reinforce them and try to help americans trust or more and you can do that by being more transparent. ton: let me come back to you mother question he asked you at the top of the segment which is about the baskets and the deplorables. you said you did not think anyone who was offended would likely to run for hillary clinton. there is the democratic race and then there is the mainstream republicans who are uncomfortable with donald trump. do you think that by her saying these things, she gets maybe some benefit either ginning up the democratic base or reminding the democratic base of the kind of people donald trump concerts with? x if you look at the washington
5:47 pm
post poll showing that 60% of voters think that donald trump does have ice against women and minorities. it is not like she is a something that is out of the mainstream. this weroblem is and see time and time with democrats , sometimes we will pull back and say something and pull back and that is a problem especially for these younger voters and -- in the democratic race who say we want people who fight. that plays into the strength they are diff. john: when we come back we will talk about some research he did on the obama coalition and hillary clinton's chances of reassembling it right after this. ♪
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mark: we are back. one of the things we wanted to talk to you about was the research you have been doing, some focus group you did and some polling that you did that thatified some problems hillary clinton seems to be having with african-american voters and with millennial african american voters. tell us about that. you never want to wake up and find your confidential work has been leaked and is on the new york times. that is a nightmare. the problem is you do see with younger voters more broadly and young african-americans, the obama campaign in 2008, we expanded the electorate. early on the obama campaign we talked about we are not going to beat hillary clinton in the expand thewe do not electorate. 11% of the vote were new voters.
5:51 pm
they were under 35 area they were rather they than the rest of america. what did that look like in the real world? to ohions as opposed being 12% african-american, ohio is 50% and we can get the same percentage and when. if those voters do not come back and those voters do not show kerryp you have the john electorate as opposed to the barack obama electorate. that is the number one problem. if she loses because she has the john kerry electorate, vision voters have been cynical, i was also -- if you talk to younger , it was not a did not want to take part in change and do things for the community. they did not think politics was the vehicle for it and they were
5:52 pm
cynical about the process and they would talk about the recount and how bush had stolen that. barack obama was a different kind of candidate. he inspired them, they fell in love. they want to be in love. i think of his hillary clinton or joe biden or whoever, they were going to have a hard time turning on these young voters who were out of the obama coalition because they were not ,nd this is what i told howard we expend the electorate with voters are not in silly democratic. they are obama voters and we have to know the difference and we will struggle unless we reconnect with that. 75%,e gets to percent or is that enough to overcome the large turnout of potentially white uneducated males that the download trump is -- camp is trying to capitalize on. >> that is a real problem. it is not what you're winning percentages. but if she gets somewhere close
5:53 pm
to the percentage that barack obama got. it is about what the proportion of the electorate is. is, african-americans of the making 50 or 60% electorate, it becomes 10 or 11%, it becomes difficult to win ohio. it is not like she is performing much better than barack obama did among white voters in post holes, 36% or 37%. it is not like she was getting 45, 46, 40 7%. she does need this cohort. mark: what more could millennials be doing? >> i understand why it must have been jarring to see the results of your focus group linked but as a democrat, i would recommend all my fellow democrats to read
5:54 pm
the findings because there are lessons they're not just for hillary clinton but for democratic campaigns across the country. think we should follow the advice of and the lessons we have learned. mark: how do you take the clinton brand and appeal to millennials and african american millennials? >> barack obama was a once-in-a-lifetime candidate. she will not have seen inspirational appeal that he did. what i do think she should do and again something we learned from cornell's findings as she needs to make an affirmative case for yourself and that is part of getting people inspired to vote for. the campaign has been a dog fight and it has been a back-and-forth with these personal insults. she is not laying out the case for why young black voters should love her. she is not talking about criminal justice reform, issues they care about.
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john: thank you all. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: we are covering hillary clinton. next.marcus is thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. sayonara. ♪
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mark: let's begin with the check of first word news. president obama and congressional leaders are meeting at the white house trying to everett a government shutdown at the end of the
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month. among the items on the agenda are a funding bill to fight the zika virus. the bill is the only must pass piece of legislation ahead of the november presidential election. rocardse-fire in syria over the weekend by washington and moscow is underway. the garment provides a window for potential government strikes until the u.s. and russia again joint coordinated attacks in a week. the truce was timed to coincide with the start of the muslim holiday. toleaders will meet in malta discuss the road ahead after britain leaves. malta says the informal talks excluding written are planned to spur momentum for the new european order. malta takes over the eu's rotating presidency next year. david cameron is giving up his seat in parliament. tells itv that he would be a distraction for the new premise to. i


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